2D work

This is a piece from 2013. I had some spare time and wanted to work on one of my characters, Mira, as if actual time had passed. Simple 2D exercise I did a couple hours a night for about a week. I want to thank my concept buds Kelly, Rayph, and Devon for looking this over.

Female 2013 Mesh WIP

Here is some progress on my 2013 female mesh (still WIP).  I typically make a new female and male model every year to use as a starting point for my work.  It's a good way to stay fresh and focused.

Started off 2013 with a little doodle.
Thanks to Zbrushcentral for the insert rock mesh!

Timelapse is here:

Next Gen Unannounced MMO

Some of the work I created while Lead Character Artist on an Unannounced MMO.
I made both and high poly and low poly models and textures.
1024x1024 Diffuse / Normal / Spec
@5,000 tris each

A large part of my job was providing guides, art mentoring, pipeline creation for characters and armor as well as character art for the game.
Working with the team in China required that documents be as clear as possible visually, as I could not be certain the translations would be accurate.
I was also expected to provide feedback on all assets, and approve work from the internal US artists.

The video below shows our instance we were working on internally. Shows a number of the monsters made by the US art team.

This video shows some of the characters done both the US and China.

Most Recent WIP

These are some pieces I've worked on over the past year or so from 2011-2012.  
My goal is to try and finish at least one of them up.

The link below is to a much larger image:

So I chose to work more on the "Lord of the Feast" model.  most of the changes are more tweaks and modifications.  I removed some details to better align it with the figurine that this design is based off of.
Once those new pieces are settled in I'll add back in the details.

Further work on the chest figuring out just how emaciated I want to go with this guy.

Poison Ivy Contest

This was for a Comicon Contest held over at gameartisans.org.
Placed in the Top 10.

Character Contract Piece

I did this character art for Big Huge Games around 2008-2009 but sadly both the company and game itself are no more.
Just another piece of art gone out to pasture.